Collection: BOOK-TOKS

Our BOOK-TOKS are educational tools that make great teaching resources for parents, teachers, and small church groups, suitable for readers of all ages. Each Book-Tok centers around a particular theme and is reinforced with relevant biblical passages. The following items can be downloaded when you purchase our educational resources:

  • 3 Book-Toks
  • 3 11x14 Posters
    • Biblical Growth Mindset poster
    • Run for Gold Inspirational poster
    • 1Corinthians 9:24 Poster
  • 1 Goal-setting worksheet
  • 1 Vocabulary exercise
  • 1 Comprehension matching worksheet
  • Word search

 BOOK-TOKS is an innovative way to learn about biblical principles and develop a biblical growth mindset. Fun for all ages, these educational tools allow you to explore the scriptures in an enjoyable and engaging manner.